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The whole ordeal was confusing, but I didn think about it much. It wasn affecting my everyday life. I was training still, preparing for the world championships. I guess raping children happens every day in the UK (Rotherham). It doesn just more anecdotal drivel from you. You don know shit about the USA, unlike you, I have lived in UK for a short while, I am not even from the USA originally.

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Clearly, not every graduate can be a headliner, and Burrell says he owes all of his students more than just a handshake and a diploma. That led to the Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra Unlimited, Burrell’s unofficial post graduate opportunity for his students as well as the broader Los Angeles jazz scene. It’s a swinging large ensemble dedicated to classic jazz repertoire and the writing and arranging of band members..

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So at regular intervals, we’d be treated to gems like “Hey

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