The sparkling figure climbed to the raft stage

Arcade Fire live at the Target Center in Minneapolis

buy canada goose jacket In one of the most tweeted moments of Arcade Fire’s March 8 performance in canada goose womens outlet Minneapolis, Win Butler declared, “This is the perfect song for the Target Center. It’s called ‘The Suburbs.'” buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap The gag resonated not just because it was a knowing reference to Minnesota a show that left absolutely no doubt that the band didn’t have to check their set lists to figure out what state they were in because it alluded to the incongruity of the indie darling Canadians playing a canada goose outlet ontario venue typically reserved for pop juggernauts. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale Despite the Grammy they scooped for The Suburbs (2010), jumping from auditoriums to arenas to tour behind their 2013 album Reflektor was a gamble for the band, who have built a large following with their four acclaimed albums but have never had a hit single. canada goose black friday sale

cheap canada goose uk Given a whole arena to play with opportunity that might or might canada goose outlet hong kong not ever present itself again Fire gave their fans an experience quite unlike the typical Target Center canada goose outlet near me show, and not just because of the ironic references to the venue’s name. cheap canada goose uk

As fans queued in the lobby before the show per instructions, in a mixture of formalwear and costumes (up to and including a human bottle of ketchup) doors opened and a group of people in giant Arcade Fire prop heads walked up a red carpet, waving merrily. These were “the Reflektors,” canada goose outlet vancouver an alternate universe version of the band who go by the name Arcade Fire used when playing semi secret shows canada goose outlet in montreal leading up to Reflektor’s release.

Were those actually the members of Arcade Fire under those heads? That wasn’t apparent, but it was definitely Win Butler under the giant head of the Win Butler figure who came out to boogie with fans in a dance circle formed by opener Dan Deacon. The Arcade Fire frontman briefly whipped the head off to reveal his identity, and even then, fans had to tweet each other before we could believe our own eyes.

Further evidence that this wasn’t the average arena rock show came in the form of first opener Kid Koala, an expert turntablist who mumbled his way through an idiosyncratic set a remix of “Moon River” standing on a hydraulic stage behind Arcade Fire’s soundboard, decked out with barrels and camouflage netting as though the koala suited DJ was off to find Colonel Kurtz.

canada goose Arcade Fire’s set began with a touch of surreal theatricality, spotlights illuminating a strange humanoid figure completely enveloped in a suit of mirrors. The sparkling figure climbed to the raft stage, where it was revealed that Butler and Regine Chassagne were waiting for him, singing “My Body is a canada goose outlet Cage” in a moment of spare darkness that quickly yielded to blinding light as the mainstage curtain fell to reveal Arcade Fire’s dozen strong touring band playing Reflektor’s hard hitting, danceable title cut. canada goose

The energy level didn’t flag for the duration of a barnstorming set that drew on Arcade Fire’s sizable body of anthemic songs built for fist pumping and shouting along. The band dazzled visually as much as musically, with the gleaming canada goose outlet store near me stage set including two silver conga drums, a dancing string section, and hexagonal clusters of screens on which the band members often marquee married couple Butler and Chassagne projected.

canada goose uk shop “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains),” the stirring Suburbs cut with lead vocals by Chassagne, brought the band’s set to a close; a minute after the lights went down, though, the bobble headed Reflektors were revealed standing on the satellite stage. The un Butler announced that the band would play a song by “a local boy made good; his name is Cyndi Lauper.” With that, Prince’s recording of his own “When You Were Mine” song that was covered by Lauper on her 1983 breakout album She’s So Unusual over the PA while the Reflektors played air band. canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Online That segued to the actual Arcade Fire playing an canada goose outlet black friday sale actual Prince cover: “Controversy,” the 1981 single that featured “When You Were Mine” as a b side. Adding frosting to that local flavor, Butler spent that song wearing a cube hat with screens that alternately depicted Prince and Michele Bachmann. The band closed out the show with Reflektor’s “Here Comes the Night Time” and “Wake Up,” the song off their debut Funeral that indie rock fans a decade ago couldn’t stop playing. Canada Goose Online

canada goose coats on sale Arcade Fire played that song with David Bowie in 2005, among the first in a string of rock legend sign offs a joint SPIN cover appearance by Butler and Bruce Springsteen in 2007 gave early notice Arcade Fire were anointed to rise among the greats. Now almost halfway to Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall canada goose outlet uk of Fame eligibility, Arcade Fire are indeed continuing to rise decidedly on their own terms. canada goose coats on sale

text by Jay Gabler, photos by Nate Ryan

canada goose factory sale Arcade Fire, live from First Avenue, Sept. 29, 2005 canada goose factory sale

Almost one year exactly after their debut record Funeral released, Arcade Fire made their second Twin Cities stop in Minneapolis for a sold out show in First Avenue mainroom. The Current was there to roll tape, and now you can relive one of the most talked about shows among Arcade Fire fanatics nearly 10 years after its recording.

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