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That grievous arc is drawn with intelligence and sensitivity in “Whitney,” Kevin Macdonald’s documentary that portrays Houston as an artist, a cultural phenomenon and, in the end, a victim of unscrupulous and abusive family members as well as a trainwreck addicted tabloid culture. Like 2015’s “Amy,” about Amy Winehouse, “Whitney” threatens to be another formulaic rise and fall tale of a little girl lost to her own self destructive impulses. But, like that film, “Whitney” transcends the conventions of the form, delivering a powerful reminder of the breathtaking talent she possessed and the monumental future that was squandered on the altar of selfishness and greed..

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Drawing design of the container vessels has been approved by the Department of Shipping as it complies the rule of navigation in Chittagong Pangaon route. With the length of 82 meters the newbuilds will be able to carry 176 containers at a draft of 3.5 m. They will have a maximum speed of 10 knots..

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