It doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite drinks

Here a great example. Watch Caddyshack. Bill Murray acts like a wallowing bafoon but it works well because it a break from the witty find out lines from Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and other cast. Non collectors who come across Edison Diamond Discs characterize these records by their thickness, often times I hear “I saw these old records that were a quarter inch thick” Yes, they are thick records in fact the company at first stamped the catalog numbers on the edge of the records, you surely need a thick record to do that. Theses flat disc records are for the most part ten inches in diameter but could hold more music than twelve inch discs made by other companies of the period. Some Diamond Discs played up to five minutes per side and there were also twelve inch Edison Disc made in 1926, which were considered a long playing record and played up to 20 minutes per side.Things You Should KnowThere are a few things a beginning collector should know about Edison Diamond Disc, firstly the records were a unique product in the recording industry, they were not like Victor or Columbia prrecords from the same era.

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